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Innovative vacuum technology for Switzerland and Austria

Münster/Berlin New sales cooperation between Vacusatec and Imeth AG/Product development supported by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) / Water costs reduced by 85 % / More flexibility when planning and installing / Imeth AG – Complete range of services: consultation, planning, installation and maintenance

Münster/Wetzikon – Modern, water-saving vacuum sanitary technology for buildings is now also available in Switzerland and Austria. The German manufacturer Vacusatec (Münster) has entered into a cooperative agreement with Imeth AG (Wetzikon/Switzerland).

In comparison with conventional sanitary technology, this innovative procedure makes it possible to reduce water consumption by up to 85 %. The higher investment tends to be repaid in less than two years. Many years of savings are subsequently guaranteed. The innovative technology is particularly suitable for new builds and the modernisation of larger projects such as residential, commercial, administrative properties as well as hotels, restaurants and sporting arenas.

In addition, building approval for product development facilitated by projects promoted by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) offers planners and installers a new dimension of flexibility and design freedom. As all vacuum waste waster pipes are laid on a single storey, this system solution for infrastructure enables subsequent modifications to be carried out without extensive additional costs. For the first time, sanitary systems can be arranged freely, that is, without accounting for the required system-dependent conventional gravity drainage. This creates considerable advantages for the entire construction process. In addition to flexibility here a key factor is the reduction of construction costs of up to 2 %.

Vacusatec managing director Thomas Deipenbrock described Imeth AG in a press statement as the ideal partner for accessing markets in Alpine countries: Imeth has extensive expertise and established contacts to decision makers. The decentralised Imeth drainage systems in association with our vacuum systems provide extremely efficient global contexts for the high building sector.”

Imeth managing director Andreas U. Kasper emphasises the growing significance of sustainable solutions in the water and drainage sector: “With the pioneering system solution from Vacusatec we are expanding our offer for all investors who aim to combine efficiency with ecological concerns and are suggesting a very attractive alternative. Our first completed joint pilot project on the Piz Corvatsch has proven a total success after two years.”

Each of the partners supports the planners, architects and installation specialists whenever required in planning and implementing the project.

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Vacusatec: Europe’s highest sanitary installation with innovative WC vacuum technology: this pilot project from the German manufacturer Vacusatec together with the Swiss company Imeth AG has now been in existence for two years and has proven itself to be effective thanks to substantial savings. Imeth now coordinates the marketing, sales, planning, installation and service in Switzerland and Austria on behalf of Vacusatech.


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